Menya Kouji

Menya Kouji Restaurant, founded by Mr.Tashiro Kouji. Ramen have a taste of good authentic Japanese Ramen and famous in Japan. Toshiro-san was trained to make ramen from "Higashi Ikebukuro Taishoken", which a famous ramen more than 50 years.

Open Mon - Fri : 11.30 AM - 14.30 PM
17.30 PM - 22.30 PM
Sat - Sun : 11.30 AM - 22.30 PM

: 02-1852457
: Menya Kouji

Our ramen, takes slowly simmered for as long and meticulously cooking.
The combination of ingredients using Pork bone and fish, makes for a mellow flavor that tastes more grown up than the original.
Menya Kouji is a famous ramen restaurant, and it is known for a long time in Japanese.