Prestige Clinic

Prestige Clinic is a beauty clinic that services to meet the needs of women customer. By the team of medical specialists from various branches with over 10,000 hours of experience. Located in Nihonmura Mall, 2nd floor.

Open Mon - Sun : 10.30 AM - 20.30 PM

: 02-1853380, 095-4423666
: Prestige Clinic
: theprestigeclinic
 : @prestigeclinic

Prestige Clinic offers beauty services and is recognized by artists and celebrities. Besides, there is also a specialized medical team, whether it’s surgery or skin care that can help to consult your problem at the right point.
In addition, we believe that "beauty" does not come from just a new technology, but the expertise and elaborate workmanship. The balance and proportion of the face structure, face shape, youthfulness, body shape, and skin as expected in the way you desire. No worries with solving the task later.