Sushi Shin

Sushi Shin is among one of top sushi bars in Bangkok. The restaurant is owned by all four partners, including Thai top star, Boy Pakorn, and his friends, who all 4 People like find a new restaurant, especially Japanese cuisine. It is always a good idea to open own Japanese restaurant. Located on the 2nd floor, Nihonmura Mall, from Soi Thonglor 13 about 100 - 200 meters.

Open Mon - Fri : 11.30 AM - 14.00 PM
    17.30 PM - 22.00 PM
  Sat - Sun : 11.30 AM - 22.00 PM

: 091-0218985
: Sushi Shin
: sushishin
: @sushishin

Good selection of ingredients by one of the founding members of the store is a business importing fish from abroad. It is possible to open a Japanese restaurant. Besides, the chef is good to join the chef of the store. By invented all the recipes for the shop. Chef has been working in the Japanese food industry for over 30 years, practicing and following Japanese chefs to experiences in various Japanese cuisine by chef's cooking approach is similar to the owner. It was also known as Sushi Shin Restaurant.
For the name of the restaurant Sushi Shin. Follow the meaning of the name. Since the word "Shin" means sincere, loyal, loyal, which is the concept of the shop. That is sell sushi at an affordable price and use good quality raw materials, pay attention to the details.
The restaurant decorated in modern Japanese style, it is easy to find a place to eat after work.

The style of the restaurant focuses on Japanese sushi and sashimi, which is not Japanese extreme. But it will be changed to taste Thai people. Fusion mixed a variety of things and constantly changing each month for it so you don't get bored. In terms of raw materials, the store will be imported from Japan. Only salmon imported from Norway and foie gras imported from France.