Uomura is an Isakaya restaurant or Japanese-style eatery. Don’t have a menu of Food eaten with alcoholic drinks only, but there are also more than 200 menu selections to choose. With the charm of simple food that look like eating together as a family and the taste reminds us of traditional Japanese cuisine, so it’s attract more customers to support each day.

Open Mon - Sun : 17.30 PM - 24.00 AM

: 02-7129511
: UOMURA.Thonglor

The owner or chef, Mr.Watabe will supervise the taste and directions for making of various dishes in the restaurant. Accumulated more than 7 years of experience in working as a chef at home. He has been a lot cooking technique until opened own Japanese restaurant. With a taste of simple Japanese cuisine that make us miss the good old days. Also, picked up delicious recipes from the family as a selling point.